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“The app content is so diverse! I’m in love with the 30 Day Challenges – I already feel so much stronger.” – Venetia

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New Content Added Monthly

50% OFF on a Yearly Plan

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We offer Booty, Upper Body, Total Body and Core 30-Day Challenge programs which keep you motivated to hit your goals! We also offer a range of other exercises that feature resistance band and pilates-style movements to give you a low impact wourkout.


5-Month Booty Program: We take you through the best booty exercises to wake up, lift and shape your glutes and legs. Each month gets progressively harder so you see fast and visible results.

Total Body Tone: This program features done-for-you workouts which we release every month, designed to tone and shape your entire body.


New Content Added Monthly

50% OFF on a Yearly Plan


Want to do a quick workout or target a body part?

We provide an exercise directory of over 100 different exercises that you can search by body part. Each exercise overview contains a set of instructions and a gif of our head trainer demonstrating correct form. This is the perfect option for those who prefer to create their own workout routine!


New Content Added Monthly

50% OFF on a Yearly Plan


For those of you who love to follow a routine in time with the instructors, these are for you! We provide a comprehensive library of follow-along workouts to give you targeted and effective results. Video topics span across booty, core, arms, back, stretch, HIIT, and even knee-friendly and pregnancy-safe workouts.





How do you deliver the Train With Arena Program

All the program content is delivered through our smartphone app :)

I want to build my legs – will this program stop me from doing this?

Absolutely not!

Many of you might also have this goal and you are worried that doing our glute activation program might negatively affect this goal.

We want to assure you that IT WON’T.

Building strength and muscle in your legs require you to lift more weight, eat more protein and do quad/glute intensive exercises like lunges, leg presses and squats.

The issue a lot of women have is that they start this heavy training without properly activated glutes.

This increases your risk of injury because your back, and knees take on the work your glutes should be doing.

So if you want to build your legs SAFELY the best thing you can do is first activate the glutes. And once they are activated you’ll be able to strengthen your legs much quicker and without risk of pulling your back or knees.

Our TRAIN WITH ARENA monthly program does exactly that.

  • MONTH 1: We activate your glutes ready for you to safely build strength in your legs in month 2.
  • MONTH 2: Strength!!! We take you through an intense glute and leg program. This will build/ tone the glutes and shape the legs. If you want to also bulk your legs then we’ll give you additional guidance and exercises to add into our program.
  • MONTH 3 ONWARDS: Full body training and continued guidance for your individual workout goals (bulking VS toning VS debulking)
I have overactive quads – is this a good program for me?


This is the best program you can do because the first month is focused on only glute-dominant movements.

This means we will train your glutes to ACTIVATE so after the first month they should be firing correctly.

From the second month, we then introduce more leg strengthening exercises and you will be able to build strength safely because your glutes are working correctly.

I have back pain and/or knee pain – can I do this program?

We always advise you to get the OK from your doctor. With pain, there is a time for rest, and then a time to strengthen and your doctor can give you the OK. If you are in the strengthening phase then our program is ideal because it’s low impact.

By activating and strengthening your glutes you are stabilizing your entire body which will help prevent future back or knee injuries. It’s the best thing you can do to remain strong and mobile as you age.

Can I do these from home? Do I need any equipment?

Yes, you can complete the whole program from home! You do not need any equipment other than your resistance bands.

Should I invest in your Arena Fabric Band Set?

We highly recommend it. Why? Our bands are honestly the best. If you are currently using plastic bands then our bands will give you much better results because they are incredibly strong.

Even our lightest band activates your glutes 10X more than a plastic resistance band. So you will see better and faster results. We use the best fabrics, elastics, and stitching techniques to ensure these bands will never break no matter how strong you are.

We also offer a 12-month warranty to back up our band durability.

The three-band strength levels we provide are ideal to help you progress and get stronger over time.

Does the app have Body Band Workouts and Programs too?

Yes! Our app has 3 levels of upper body programs and 2 X 30-Day core programs too. Strengthening your upper body and core is important for achieving all over tone whilst also supporting your posture as you age. We also have lots of guided follow-alongs so our app is beginner-friendly too!

Ps, We also have 9 months of Total Body Workouts which use both our booty & body bands to give you the best total body results!

What are your cancellation and refund policy?

CANCELLATION: Our subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and the customer will no longer be charged on their next renewal date.


  1. Login to your ‘My Account‘ page (Your username is the email you used at sign up. If you forget your password you can reset it.
  2. Click ‘Subscriptions’, Click ‘View’ on the top one, and then click ‘Cancel’


We do not offer refunds, credits or subscription pauses for unused subscription periods, accidental purchases, medical conditions, or any similar reason or event unless required by law to do so.

Our money-back guarantee policy on our website applies to our physical products. The free trial we offer for our subscription allows users to trial the product and if they are unhappy they can cancel their subscription without charge.

The Monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time, there are no lock-in contracts. For the yearly subscription, there is a 14 day grace period from the date the annual fee was charged for customers to change their mind. We will refund the subscription amount minus the days used in that period at the full monthly subscription fee rate.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact our Support Team at [email protected]

Can I upgrade/downgrade to/from the yearly subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade to the yearly subscription at any time.

  1. Login to your ‘My Account‘ page (Your username is the email you used at sign up. If you forget your password you can reset it.
  2. Click ‘Subscriptions’, Click ‘View’ on the top one, and then click ‘Cancel/ Change Subscription Plan’.
  3. You will be directed to the checkout to confirm and on your next renewal date you will be charged for your chosen plan
What devices can the app be used on? Does it cast to a TV?

The app can be saved on your smartphone and will function as a normal app. It can also be saved on your tablet and desktop computer.

If you are able to cast your device screen to a TV then this should work. The app does not have any inbuilt function for this so it relies on your device capabilities.

We have the follow-along videos in a library in the Members Area of our website so you can also view these from there and potentially display them on your smart TV to follow along to.

Do I need both sets of bands to use the app?

We highly recommend it! Whilst we do have programs designed for each band (our lower body programs use our booty bands, whilst our upper body program is 100% body band) to get the best overall strength and tone, we recommend having both. This will allow you to maximise your results and take advantage of our 30-day core programs, over 8 months of total body tone workouts and all of our follow-along videos!.

Can I use the app as a beginner?

Absolutely! Our programs were all designed with beginners in mind. Every program has multiple levels which increase in difficulty as you get stronger. Not only will you see great results as a beginner, but you’ll continue to see them as our workouts get stronger with you!

Not to mention our 30+ follow-along workouts which range from 5 all the way to 25 minutes. These include guided beginner workouts with both our sets of bands alongside stretching and cooldowns.

Lastly, as a beginner, we know it can be a little scary. So you’ll get access to our exclusive Train With Arena Facebook group where you can ask our top trainers any and every question you have about the workouts. They’re there to support you!