Exercise Card Decks

“These cards are amazing, they are great quality and super simple to use. I love shuffling them and choosing my own workout. They really do make using your bands SUPER FUN!” – Natalie T.

Exercise Card Decks

Use one of the routine cards provided, or create your own workout! With thousands of combinations, it’s an easy and fun way to use your bands.

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Booty Deck

Body Deck

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Home workouts with your bands just got easier (and more fun!)

Creating a fun workout with your card deck is easy and there’s thousands of routine options, so you’ll never get bored…

1. Use a routine card: Choose one routine card and match the numbers on the card to the corresponding exercises.

2. Create your own routine: Pull out the “create your own routine” card, shuffle the exercise cards and pick 5, 10 or 15 out (depending on how long you wish your workout to be). 

3. Burnout Cards: Your pack comes with “burnout” cards. These are super hard workouts for a SERIOUS burn. Simply do 1 on it’s own for a quick burn, or add one to any routine to push yourself.

You get 64 cards total, including...

3 Instruction Cards: Learn how to create your own workout, join our free support group and more with these.

Booty Workout Deck: Booty Band exercises for booty and legs.

Body Workout Deck: Body Band exercises for total body.

51 Exercise Cards: Use these with your routine cards or simple shuffle and deal to create your own routine.

Burnout Cards: 4 Extra Hard Workout Cards.

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Total Cards: 64

Plastic protective sleeve and card band included. 

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