How are they different from rubber resistance bands?
Our Fabric Booty Bands are made from incredibly durable elastic fabric meaning they will never break, or roll up. These are the last resistance bands you'll ever need to buy! They are much stronger than normal resistance bands so they activate your glute muscles 400% more than rubber resistance bands to give you faster and better results. You will be able to build much more muscle with our bands which means you'll have a more lifted, sculpted and perky booty.
Do these roll like the rubber bands?
Absolutely not! We have specifically designed our bands to be the perfect width and we have latex grip strips sewn inside the bands to ensure they stay in place. This means you will never have to worry about them rolling up during your exercises. Whether you want to do donkey kicks, hip extensions, squats or fire hydrants- our bands will NEVER roll!
What strength level is each band?
Our bands are all the same size but they come in three strength levels. The strength levels have been tested with many women of all different strengths, shapes, and sizes.
  • Hard- Black Band: This band is HARD and it provides awesome resistance even for our athlete customers. This band is perfect for use in deadlifts or movements with a narrow stance. Most of our customers use this for a selection of exercises they wish to REALLY challenge the glutes. Resistance strength is 45-55 Lbs (20- 26 Kilos)
  • Medium- Pink Band: Amongst our customers, this is the most used band, it can be used for every fitness level and provides a strong challenge. You will feel the burn after just 2-3 reps. Resistance strength is 34-44 Lbs (15-19 Kilos)
  • Light- Gray Band: This is a great starting resistance level and is also the band we recommend every customer uses in their warm-ups. This band is ideal for lunges and all wide stance movements like sumo squats. This band can also be used for arm resistance exercises. Resistance strength is 23-33 Lbs (10-14 Kilos)
What does the fabric feel like?
The fabric feels durable yet soft to touch. It is incredibly comfortable against your skin and does not pinch, cut into your skin, or pull on any hairs. We have sewn-in special elastic fibers within the bands to give them their unique stretch. Our customers LOVE how our bands can be worn comfortably against bare skin.
Are these washable?
Our bands are hand washable. If they need to be washed then we advise to handwash and leave them in the open air away from direct sunlight to dry.
Will your fabric bands ever break?
Absolutely not. Our bands are incredibly strong. We use the best fabrics, elastics, and stitching techniques to ensure these bands will never break no matter how strong you are. We also offer a 12-month warranty to back up our band durability.
What exercises do these work for?
Our bands come with a full exercise guide which shows the best glute activating exercises to use with the bands. They are incredibly versatile in the range of exercises they can be used with. Just a selection include squats, deadlifts, abductions, hip extensions, fire hydrant, donkey kick, hip thrusts, lunges, step ups, lateral walks and monster walks. They are perfect substitutes for any existing resistance band exercises you are currently doing.
Do your bands contain latex?
Yes, we have sewn inner latex grip strips inside the bands so they never roll.
How wide and long are these bands?
The bands are 8cm/ 3.15 inches wide and 70cm/25 inches in their loop diameter. We've tested the sizing and this is perfect for a range of women whether you are 5 foot or 6 foot in height and size 0 or size 20. The best thing about our bands is that we are the only company that varies the resistance levels in the fabric, not the band size. Many other companies will just give you a smaller band for "heavy" strength and a larger band for "easy" strength. This means that you will have sizing issues where the heavy band is too tight or the easy band is very loose. All of our bands are the SAME IDEAL SIZE so they FIT PERFECTLY above the knees on every woman.
Are these sewn or velcro?
All our bands are sewn not velcro which makes them very durable.
What are your shipping rates and times?
Free & Fast Shipping To US, CA, UK, AU & NZ.  USA: 4-7 business days shipped from the USA. Canada:  4-7 business days shipped from Ontario, Canada. UK: 3-7 business days shipped from the UK. AU: 3-7 business days shipped from Melbourne, Australia. NZ: 7-14 business days shipped from Melbourne Australia. IRELAND: 4-7 business days shipped from the UK. We no longer ship to any other countries.